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Allen Bradley : PlantPAx Architecture Classes

Rockwell Automation leverages Integrated Architecture technologies and products to create a scalable process architecture. Rockwell Automation characterizes a process automation system based on its scope or architecture class. Architecture classes define system capabilities that can be scaled by modifying the same system elements.

PlantPax Architecture Class

Independent system architecture for unit control

An independent class architecture uses a single computer to perform PASS, EWS, and OWS functions.

Centralized system architecture for area control

The centralized system is a multi-client configuration that supports the concept of automating a single production or process area. The system elements can provide main control room operation and enable you to mount operator workstations locally throughout the production facility. The centralized system expands the independent system by adding workstations and controllers.

Distributed system architecture for plant-wide and enterprise operations

The distributed system is a multi-server, multi-client configuration that supports automating a process with semi-independent areas. The distributed class architecture expands on the centralized class by adding application servers to interconnect multiple process areas into a system. A distributed system can have up to four control areas. EtherNet/IP Architecture Example

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